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Treadmill for Weight loss

Walking and running, work out to be: of course on the treadmill! This exerciser, usually found in the gym (but that is not difficult to see even at home), allows us to make long walks and runs without a move an inch, and especially during the cold season without catching a chill.

If you are interested in purchasing a treadmill read our specific guide, which will provide you with all the important information and basic to learn about this exerciser, to know what is and what benefits it can give its use, but especially for better orientation at the moment of choice.

What is the Treadmill?

And given how much for the home fitness for the gym. The treadmill meets the needs of both those who want to keep fit despite the time constraints imposed by the pace of modern life and then chose to use Zarlo in domestic version, both for those who use it as a media workout at the gym. In general, depend on, or would like to use the treadmill to lose weight.

The walking (as it is commonly called, shortening the name) is used largely for losing weight, following a trend that started in America and successfully imported into Italy, where it was immediately apparent that the tool is sensitive to a variety of requirements: It is great for lazy people who cannot take a walk so stressful and put in place at a stroke awareness and the more general demands of keeping fit, at home or in the gym.

And functional for athletes of any discipline, who use it to improve your workout. The benefits are many. We start from the most obvious – and desired – that is, the reclamation of the legs, calves and buttocks. The lower part of the body is in the foreground, as engaged in a constant effort that has a positive effect on the level of muscle tone and possible outbreaks of fat.

In addition, the continuous movement of the lower limbs activates the blood circulation, making optimal health in individuals and in people with problems better. Finally, last but not certainly not least, the treadmill is used for weight loss, or better, in the great majority of cases it is used for this purpose, the loss of fat, because as in all physical exercises that involve expenditure of energy and loss fluid, the result seems assured. Here then is that the treadmill has replaced or supplemented the bike in many homes, and here droves of women confident alternating friend on the carpet that promises results without excessive effort.

How do you use the treadmill?

Not only, it serves to walk, but the treadmill to lose weight is absolutely indicated. Certainly, it is useful at the end of the workout, as an opportunity to cool down, to relax your tired body in a progressive manner from one activity to be more or less intense, but it is a tool that was created to different types of exercise and lends itself to different activities think in relation to the physical characteristics and personal users of the medium.

  • Brisk walking or running slow. – It tones the muscles of the legs, with the advantage that the joints do not come off tired, if used consistently and method: half an hour a day treadmill every day. Shown to improve the problems of water retention and varicose veins, to the extent that helps fight the slow movement.
  • Racing continues with changes of pace. – Here it runs all the time, and not along a straight line, but on alternation of plains, climbs and descents, through the modulation of the two parameters of the speed and incline. To be effective, the efforts aimed at aerobic consumption of fat should be conducted on mixed routes that provide reasoned alternation between different levels.
  • Race interrupted by pauses. It is a type of¬†sectoral and specialized training, because it is useful as a preparation for a race, by alternating between shooting and recovery, shooting and recovery.

In general, the systematic use of the treadmill produces several positive effects on the body, beyond the type of exercise you choose. First, the enhancement of muscle tone and cardiac efficiency, stimulated aerobic exercise is important to get used to play with consistency disciplines that use aerobic metabolism, because they have a positive effect on the body and fat consumption.

The ideal is to exercise three times a week, maybe four if you have the time and inclination: and attention, this is the minimum threshold to achieve a satisfactory level of well-being on a cardio-vascular exercise. Three times a week for a minimum of thirty minutes, always preceded by a few minutes of heating. The newbies can start with twice a week, to avoid overloading the physical.

How to choose a good treadmill for weight loss

Small handbook to buying a treadmill for home use to lose weight. Here are the four essential parameters to evaluate :

Hours of use.

A first parameter is represented by hours of use, divided by use into four sub-categories:

  • Occasional. The times vary from one to three per week. In this case are indicated footboards magnetic, mechanical and with the fixed inclination.
  • Adjust. Three to five hours, it is preferable to a platform with a fixed or tilt, which gives the possibility of manual adjustment.
  • Intensive. The hours are stabilized on the five a week and is the most suitable platform to power tilt, designed for a challenging workout.
  • Professional. We are at the highest levels, on thirty hours a week. It should be allowed to choose a type of platform designed for professionals.


In models of treadmills cheap is usually fixed, or you manually change acting on a knob, which is not optimal for training, which have to be interrupted, with consequences for the entire load of the heart rate. In more advanced models in the inclination is adjusted instead through a key to press while running, thanks to an electromechanical mechanism, which acts without interference with the exercise.

Impact absorption

It is appropriate that the running surface of the treadmill is protected by a good cushioning to avert the risk of injury, but also unpleasant pain in the knees, ankles, back. Rubber inserts can be placed under the footrest, or a mixture of rubber, spring system and air shock. The important thing is not too much stress on the joints, already laden weight of the body.

Variety of programs

All models have pre-set with standard types of the path which vary in correspondence with the relationship between the speed and incline. In this way, it suggests a larger number of objectives to be achieved, and the training is less boring because it is subject to change.

Tips for buying the treadmill for lose weight

For people interested in buying a treadmill to lose weight with the exercise activity housewives, you may want to choose the model magnet, that is not motorized. The absence of motor forces those who use it to take on full commitment to move the belt: if it does not move the person, never moves the tape.

And the speed always depends on the way you use it, so the chances of cheating are lower than the ones offered by the models offered generally in sports centers, in which the engine is to move the tape from the outset, in part by reducing the activities of sports.

And very useful for walking and in terms of effort and intensity, cardiovascular work allows excellent results, and the only limitation is that intensive training is slightly more difficult, because the inclination, like everything else, is manual and limited.

But for an exercise geared towards domestic purposes in general, keeping in shape in the broad sense of the term, the magnetic carpet is the most recommended, even from the point of view of the expense.