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Training in The Gym

The ideal gym is the one that reflects our needs: multi-purpose structure, wellness center or fitness club, as long as we like it. From the ” master’s garden ” to today’s multi-purpose fitness centers.

Since then the gym has taken many steps forward, but also some backwards. In line with a cultural evolution that has led us to seek the perfection of our body and to underestimate, very often, the care of the mind, today the gyms are super-technologised places, always wider and multi-purpose, places where sometimes we feel more inclined to show the results achieved than to achieve lasting psycho-physical well-being. But in any case, know that training in the gym only brings benefits to the body and mind.

Training in The Gym: Choose the Ideal

Other times, on the contrary, we can find ourselves facing opposite cases: centers strictly specialized only in some disciplines, or structures that invite to choose only one among many possibilities, perhaps through contracts and other payment formulas that limit access to certain salt rather than the pool or the tennis court.

The choice of the ideal structure for training in the gym today can be very difficult. But the principle to follow is one, and is less obvious than it may seem: the choice of a gym should be conducted taking into account their needs. It is no coincidence that, in this general principle, the most difficult aspect is precisely that of defining our needs.

We could classify these needs in:

  • Related to the time available.
  • Related with the type of activities to be carried out
  • Of another type; as the desire or not to vary sports activities within the same gym, or the predilection for certain types of environments (more or less formal, more or less recognized, more or less well connected to our usual places, school or office ) and naturally.
  • Of an economic type.

The choice of the ideal place to do our training at the gym should be based on the evaluation of all these factors.

Training in The Gym: The Timetable

Among all, one of the most crucial factors in choosing a gym is the time factor: how much time do we want to dedicate to physical activity? And how do we want to distribute this time during the day or week? And, again, are we sure we can dedicate a continuous period to these activities? The problem is not unimportant if we consider the fact that going to the gym has a considerable cost and that this cost can vary a lot depending on the frequency ” formulas ” we choose.

Generally, the price of a subscription increases proportionally to the time that we intend to spend at the gym (a month will cost less than a quarter) but be careful, because as the amount of continuous time that we decide to spend increases, the unit cost of a single month, for example, decreases quite significantly.

As if we had to choose to make an annual subscription: compared to a quarterly or semi-annual subscription will certainly cost more but if we are sure of being able to dispose continuously for a year, at least an hour or two a day to devote to our favorite physical activities, then it would agree with the choice, for example, of the six-month subscription.

Of course, the daily time we want and can devote to these activities can vary, and there are no rules to choose the right amount. What matters is to approach a certain degree of constancy and, of course, be willing to respect the schedules of the courses we have chosen, if we have chosen them.

One of the most popular formulas in recent times is the ” open ” one, precisely to solve issues of time availability. The open formula, also called all inclusive, or all inclusive, (but also Gold, or Platinum in many structures) is the one that allows you to attend a very large group of activities that, until a few years ago, you had to select and pay individually, different courses each with start and end times, with obvious repercussions on the free management of their time.

Generally next to formulas everything (but really everything) included, the most modern gyms also offer packages based on the full availability of a delimited time frame (usually no more than 90 minutes or the whole half day, morning or afternoon) to take advantage of more or less freely by attending various activities within those proposed.

The advice is always to keep well in mind their real needs, avoiding to let ourselves be taken by the desire to spend hours and hours in the gym (behavior, among other things, highly detrimental to the body) or, on the contrary, from laziness: how much does it make sense to pay for an all-inclusive season ticket for a year if we know we can do sports only twice a week for half an hour at lunch break?

Better not overdo it, but even better if our gym has very large opening hours (from 7.00 / 8.00 in the morning to 21.00 / 22.00) and a number as limited as possible of closing days. Attention then, even to the centers that close for the summer months or for long periods do not guarantee the effective performance of all activities.

Sports Activities and Structures for Training in the Gym

Choosing a gym rather than another means also and above all having first clear what activities we intend to do. There are centers specialized in certain activities, usually those less practiced or otherwise considered more niches, such as sport climbing, martial arts.

In these centers, we would hardly even find space to do an hour of aerobics or a weight room to reinvigorate your muscle tissue in a more targeted way. Although, there are no exceptions, we must expect to find these activities in multi-purpose centers, centers where you can generally perform almost all the most popular activities, but not the other way around.

Some gyms also have large spaces and very varied structures, suitable for all kinds of sports:

Bikes for Spinning

Aerobic activities with or without tools such as:

  • Aerobics
  • Kickboxing
  • Step
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Classical or modern dance
  • Latin American or group dances
  • Weight lifting

Tennis Courts

Activities related to water, such as:

  • Classic swimming
  • Pinned swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Hydrospinning
  • Acquabike
  • Hydrostep
  • Circuit in water

All these activities, which require a very special space to be carried out: a swimming pool. If our intention is to perform one or some of these sports activities, it is particularly important to evaluate through all the means that the center can provide us, the quality level of this space, provided that we will not be allowed to visit it, which instead it happens for the rooms.

So we ask all you need to know about a swimming pool: if the water temperature is constantly regularized, if there are trampolines, if there are areas where the water level allows you to touch the bottom, if there are pools for the little ones, its length, etc.

Equally important, once the activities we intend to practice are chosen, it is to check the extent and cleanliness of the spaces used, the availability of tools and, as far as possible, the ability of the instructors.

Finally, do not forget the spaces more properly used for the care of well-being, also widespread in modestly spacious gyms: sauna, turkish baths, pools with thermal or purifying waters, cold and cold showers, hydrotonification paths, relaxation areas, etc. they are today the latest fashion in sports centers.

To verify, if possible, also the proximity of refreshment areas (they can be found in the gym itself) perhaps provided with healthy and quality food, for a well-rounded project. Attention, of course, also to the presence or absence of personal trainers, an attentive and competent secretariat, doctors and other specialized staff who can follow us constantly during our care path of your body-mind.

How Much is Training in The Gym

How much are we willing to spend for our psychophysical wellbeing? Today the average price of a semester of a gym, with a semi-open formula, seems to have dropped significantly. But can we not pay attention to our pockets? Although much of what has to be known about the prices of a gym membership has been explained in relation to the amount and the destruction of our time, the discourse does not end here.

In order to make a more exact estimate of the costs, we would be faced with a range of tariffs that varies, sometimes even very sharply, between north and south of Italy, provincial capitals and small towns, even you can register big variations also in reality, in the neighborhood where our center is located.

It ranges from a minimum of $20 per month in a semi-annual subscription with the possibility of carrying out a very limited selection of activities (for example, an aerobic activity in the room added to a certain amount of time spent in the weight room, or the possibility to access the center only at specific times, usually either mornings or afternoons) up to a maximum of 80 euros per month, always on a six-monthly subscription basis.

This means that a month of sporting activity in a center maybe very modern in the city center and without formulas that allow discounts, can also be paid $120/$150. But they are still exceptions, fortunately.

The question is different for aquatic activities and, more generally, for centers equipped with swimming pools, which are on average more expensive and even more expensive if you do not have the desire or the possibility to renounce water courses under the supervision of the instructor.

The Gym That We Like

In short, choosing a gym is not one of the simplest and most immediate decisions. Not only because you have to have your needs very clear. And not only because it requires a good amount of time and patience to compare the various offers. Even in the choice of a gym the emotional aspect cannot be fundamental: a gym, basically, must like it.

The gym that we attend will be a place where we spend a part of our free time, as well as energy and calories, is also a place to get out of the more or less sedentary and repetitive routine of everyday life, it can be a place to cultivate some passions or a simple opportunity for recreation. It is crucial to evaluate the environments also starting from the people who live there, trying to guess the style of these environments as well as their level of technological equipment or breadth.

There are gyms that tend to be frequented by young and very young people, centers populated by professional or semi – professional athletes, structures or areas designed for people who want to be noticed, others for those who only want to practice a healthy sport. It must resemble us in some way and allow us to feel at home with its spaces and its inhabitants. The ideal gym is the ideal gym for us.