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How to choose the gloves for men

The use of gloves dates back to ancient times, because there are artifacts found in the Egyptian pyramids testify. They were mainly used to protect your hands in warfare, hunting or for manual work, but later became a real ” status symbol ” for the holders of economic power, political and religious.

Select gloves for men

This custom of wearing gloves walking denoted the social superiority of those who wore them (those hands did not need to work to survive), just think that the Count d’Orsay, considered arbiter of masculine elegance, advised the use of six pairs of gloves per day: one for hunting, one for walking, one for carriage rides, one for the theater, one for dinner and one for a gala evening.

A similar use of gloves (purely decorative) being the preserve of the nobility is of course becoming obsolete with the demise of the latter from the international political scene, after the Cultural Revolution of 68 the use of gloves for men was permanently banned because considered a symbol of wealth and bourgeois formalism.

In subsequent years, there has been a slight increase in the use of gloves, especially by women, but it remains well confined areas and certainly no longer a fundamental element of the male wardrobe.

Materials and colors of gloves for men

There have been many materials used for the manufacture of gloves for men, but the basic criteria remain broadly: softness and strength. Among the various skins, materials certainly have had, and still has the pre-eminence to the above characteristics, this material also has a special charm, even for manual processes that need to be submitted. Other materials used to manufacture gloves for men are the fabrics of wool or cotton.

As for the colors of leather gloves, a very popular color in all time was the straw yellow, but now it has become very rare to meet a man who flaunts such sophistication. Today, it is even difficult to find on the market, but we cannot exclude that they return to fashion. Gloves Men still used are those of a deer, with an athletic fit and the yellow color.

The colors of most gloves used today are: brown, tobacco and all shades of gray. The gloves for men dark brown suit for every occasion, as well as the gray ones, preferably suede.

Instead, for formal wear, with tight you have to choose the color pearl gray gloves for men, while the tails are worn white, an important detail is that in both these cases, the glove’s man should never be squeezed, but only required in hand.

In addition, unlike the shoes that can also be a bit worn out and keep their charm, elegant men’s gloves should always be clean.