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How to Choose Stepper

The stepper is a tool designed for cardio posing in static version stair climbing. The upward movement of a step after the other is simulated on the spot, by means of an up and down movement of which involves the same movement and the same effort.

The structure of the tool is simple: two pedals which move up and down, and only in specific models can also perform lateral movements.

The stepper was born in 1985 to simulate precisely the activity of climbing stairs that is healthy for the body in terms of both physical and cardiovascular fitness.

In addition, it has been designed to offer the possibility of installation in the home, as was the case for the exercise bike, and it has been designed to save space and to be easy to use.

The Stepper – Structure

All models to have a handle on which to learn and a display showing all relevant information on the training we are doing: time, heart rate, calories burned, and a series of pre-set programs to choose from to optimize training.

There is no limit to use the stepper, unless a prior medical examination like any other sport, and knee joints in good condition. It true that the points on which we act are the thighs and buttocks, but the knees are affected by the movement, and it is important that they are not already compromised.

So, we said that the exercise steady and well planned with the stepper helps to streamline the area low of the body, the Achilles heel of most women. At the same time, it is useful because it helps to improve muscle strength at both cardiovascular respiratory, thus impacting on the whole body.

Somehow the abdominals are also involved, to the extent that the position in which we conduct the exercise requires the contraction of the abdominal muscles. Let’s see in detail this position :

  • Hands or arms resting on the handlebars bent.
  • Torso leaning slightly forward.
  • Tense abdomen in order not to compromise the involuntary manner while back.
  • Inside the basin.

These are the general characteristics, but can be modulated by simply moving the weight of the legs. For example, leaning backwards you have more work for the muscles behind the thigh, while resting your feet slightly off the pedals and leaning forward a lot accentuates the activities charged in the buttocks, and again, slightly raising his toes, it acts on the calves, which are involved in an intense way.

And this on the front of the muscle toning and exercise. To close, it must be said that if you choose to demand schedules and adjusts the resistance in a rigid way, the stepper can also be a means to train from the point of view of strength.

It clear that an account be climbing stairs with minimal resistance and much more having to push each pedal up and down putting strength, because the pedals are hard and do not move with gentle pressure.

In terms of cardiovascular-respiratory endurance, suffice to say that the stepper is part of the activities of cardio, because even if set on a base map, in the sense of not too challenging, stimulating an increase in heart rate on production levels from the point of view of the physical well-being and the reduction of calories. A gain is the physical condition in general, not only the various parts of the body affected by the movement.

Types of stepper existing in commerce

The models of steppers offered by the market will be reduced to three main categories:

The Stepper

It is the type most sophisticated, from the point of view of both structural and aesthetic. First, the frame is reinforced, so the tool steel rests on a solid and reliable. The entire structure is large, impressive, and suggests stability and security.

The onboard computer is large and sophisticated, designed to offer the most detailed information possible about training, analyzed in every single specificity. Particularly rich choice of programs to use to train them properly, it can be said that the reset over the whole range of possibilities.

The Mini- Stepper

This is the simplest model, made of solid hydraulic pistons that allow the movement base and little else. And version usable by wider audience, because it has everything, you need, from the programs to the information on calories, in short everything you need to practice to the fullest.

Furthermore, for optimizing training, often are available in more accessories, such as the elastic bands to be used for training also the arms together in the thighs and buttocks. In the gym like at home, the ministepper is practical, handy and easy to use.

The mini-Stepper oblique

This is the traditional model above enriched by the possibility of oblique movements precisely, as the name implies. Not only up and down, but also sideways, in order to make the tool more competitive and complete, unlike other exercises that require supplementary on another machinery to complete the workout.

Differences between the stepper and step

They are not the same thing, despite the name is similar. The stepper now we know: two pedals, pistons and solid performance limitations in movements up and down and up to the side. The step is a step on the other hand, unique, used also in the interest of improving physical and cardio-vascular system, but in a manner and different logics.

If both involve the reclamation of the lower part of the body, then the thighs and buttocks, step also acts globally, because do not forget the upper part of the body and provides it through the years of compensation. Exercises impossible on the stepper, where the arms are indispensable to give balance to the body and to vary the intensity of the movements.

The step also allows you to vary your workout thanks to the choreography, acting on the monotonous repetition of the same movement by introducing more or less elaborate steps in order to combine fun and exercise: but the goal and the effects are always the same.

Let him step to the stepper born to tone the thighs and buttocks. If it is true that the step is more creative and fun, it is also that the stepper is safe to the extent that allows you to control the dynamics of the cardio-vascular thanks to heart rate monitor that typically is part of the kit of the stepper. This also has the advantage of being small, handy and can be used without problems in the home as well as at the gym, step needs instead of the gym and instructor.