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How to Choose Dishwasher

Here we go: you have decided to buy a dishwasher, or to change the one you have to age limits. Wheelie a catalog of appliances or go into a specialty store and you are assailed by doubt: and now, what I buy?

So many models, so many brands, many versions, all kinds of technical data to check the labels and invites you to take this or that. But which one to choose? How to find the best dishwasher? Here for you a short concise guide that explains what all the facts and figures to keep in mind when choosing this appliance.

Find the best Dishwasher

As always, the choice of an appliance is not easy. We have in mind what we want, but when we go in the mall or retailer to appear here before us dozens if not hundreds of different models, each with its Characteristics. So, how to choose the best dishwasher for our needs.

Yes, because the term ” best ” never absolute, but always relative to what we really need. Well, we always start from the technical details of what we have identified as a potential purchase.

Tips for buying the best Dishwasher

If you’re buying a dishwasher, consider :

  • The position of connections for electricity and water supply and drain.
  • Measurements of the space available to you.
  • If the dishwasher should be collected, remember that the measures of the same will be slightly reduced.
  • If the appliance is free standing, remember that the measures of the same will be slightly larger than the standard (unless you choose a compact model in a few places).
  • Choose a dishwasher at 4-6-9-12 or 15 people depending on how many people are in the house.
  • Choose a dishwasher with energy-saving programs.
  • If you can afford an advanced model, choose it with electronic sensors, because it is programmed automatically according to the load.

Technical details of the Dishwasher

On-board technical disclosure of the dishwasher is first indicated whether the model is of the type-free standing (free standing) or ” built-in ” you are then the following information:

  • Covered – Indicates how many seats can wash the dishwasher. The term ” covered ” means all the dishes, glasses, cutlery and crockery for one person.
  • Programs¬†– Shall include the number and the name of the washing programs. Some models can have up to 10 programs.
  • Energy consumption – When expressed in kW consumed in a normal cycle.
  • Water consumption – When expressed in liters for a normal cycle.