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How to choose Bedside Table

The bedside table is a very useful piece of furniture in the bedroom: there are many functions that can perform a bedside table and there are many forms and types also exist. Made of different materials, bedside tables can also be odd if in pairs, or replaced by other furnishings that size can perform the same functions. In this article, all to learn more about the nightstand.

Inside we put our secrets and objects that we use when we are in the most protected of the house, the bedroom, where we are most vulnerable because we sleep, more sheltered from our blankets, more peaceful because we rest or more solitary because we cry.

It seems difficult to understand and maybe even stupid to say, but the table is our faithful companion in all these moments: here we take the book to relax and wonder, here we keep the soft light feeling less helpless, here we hold handkerchiefs to dry our tears, or medicine for when we are sick. It is important to choose the bedside not only based on the style and aesthetic to the space at our disposal, but also according to our personality and our individual needs and absolutely individual.

Bedside Table – Functions

The bedside table can take on different functions, depending on what our needs are:

  • To support the night light.
  • Limit the need for the night (as earplugs, cute, headphones, etc).
  • Be the supporting plane for the objects that we hold immediately before sleep: glasses, belts and pliers for hair, etc..
  • Hold objects closer.
  • Contain medicines, that may also serve suddenly during the night.
  • Contain creams and necessary to the restroom to do before sleeping and just woke up in the morning.

Bedside Table – Building elements

What makes a bedside functional and essential elements are simple, but useful and practical, that just cannot miss. They are:

  • The main shelf.
  • A drawer.
  • An additional hidden shelf.
  • Door small but roomy on the inside.

The bedside table comes with all three of these elements is the most complete. But the bedside can be composed only of a shelf, two shelves without drawer, a shelf with drawer, a shelf and a door. The different combinations depend on our space needs, the stuff that we put in the nightstand and the type of bed that we have.

Bedside Table – Dimensions

The standard sizes of a nightstand are around 45-50 cm wide, 30-40 cm long and 40-50 cm in height. We speak of course of the nightstand more classic, traditional parallelepiped with rectangular shelf, fitted with two shelves plus a drawer for a classic bed height. There are also many variations of the measures of a bedside table, also depending on the elements that compose it: bedside of 30-35 cm wide by those who have little space on the sides of the bed, bedside tables made only by a wooden shelf, rectangular or square, as to rest directly on the ground to surround a low bed or to be fixed to the wall or supported by two supports essential, bedside tables exist or even larger (even 70-80-100 cm width) for the large bedrooms and all the amenities to keep on hand.

Bedside Table – Materials

Generally, the nightstands are designed and produced to match with the structures of the beds in which they are placed near, in agreement with the decor of an entire room. We can then find bedside:

  • Wood, oak, birch, walnut, wenge, etc., in the raw state may create as we like, or already waxed.
  • Wrought iron.
  • Lacquered and laminated in various colors and shades.

But following the trends, you do not always want the matching bedside the bed and the room, and which provide new materials and cutting-edge design, we can find bedside:

  • With glass shelves.
  • With cloth upholstery.
  • Steel or metal.
  • Coated in plastic or acrylic.

Matching bedside tables

According to tradition, the first matching bedside tables with each other and then to the bed and finally to the rest of the room. In this case, your bedside table is already included in the various proposals for bedrooms that we find in furniture stores. If you need to change the nightstand or buy later, to get a classic effect, in accordance with the best tradition of which are faithful paladins, purchase of the same material as the bed frame, the color of the furniture in the room and the type the most classic and that you can afford is in agreement with the space available to you, then possibly: parallelepiped with rectangular shelf, one drawer, shelf and another folding door, with standard dimensions. For the bed nor a single course purchased; for a double, two strictly.

The latest trends, on the other hand, do not require a precise matching bedside table: it may fall on the material, color and also the style of the room, the bed frame, bedside table, and then also the other of the pair, in the case of a double bed. On the contrary: sometimes in the latter case, there may be a bedside table and the other to be lacking.

A fashion very comfortable, practical and even fun, the latter, which allows you to get along fine even when they are not matched bedside tables (among themselves and with the rest of the room), and that gives us the luxury to go crazy with ideas.

Some advice. When you choose a pair of bedside tables different, completely changed shape and material: one will be wood with drawer and door. The other will be a kind of wrought-iron coffee table; wooden one will be tall and narrow. The other will be colored lacquer, low and wide; one will be wrought iron with two shelves. The other will be covered with fabric with one shelf, and so on.

Obviously choose materials and colors that fit between them and the predominant features of the bedroom, even stark contrast not only to similarity.