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Furnish the Study Area

This article some tips on how to choose and place all relevant study corners: work desk, ergonomic chair, study lamp and all accessories such as drawers and shelves. Study or work activities take place more and more often at home, especially in the area that is called the study area.

Then equip an area or a corner of a room to the study is a must to create a place conducive to concentration and easier for the heavy use of the mind; in the same place for study or work should also be comfortable for your body and your posture, then every element of the angle study should be ergonomic.

The study area: a home environment for study, work and recreation

The home is our refuge. But it is also the place where we study and work times. A study area is absolutely necessary; for those who do not study and do not work at home, it could be the angle for hobbies: writing, reading, computers, drawing and so on and so forth. In any case, it is important that such an environment, which we call a studio area for convenience, has certain characteristics: what we see.

The desk in the corner office. First, the study area needs a desk. The bigger the better, of course, in agreement with the space available to you. The breadth of the work plan is important: a large space and ordered opens your mind and helps to organize the work. In addition, the desk if large enough, may contain both a free space to write or draw, the space for the computer.

Pay attention also to the space for chair legs and under the work plan: it must be large and comfortable. There are many types of desks, different materials, the presence of drawers or compartments and sizes.

If you need to implement technical designs, choose a desk with tilt, perhaps illuminated from below. Ikea Vika is a modular system that allows you to create a desk reclining and possibly also lit with a modest spending. In addition to the work plan pay attention to the accessories, it comes with the desk. A chest of drawers (also sold separately) or at least two drawers across the width of the floor, you need: contain sheets, diaries, notebooks, pencils, colors, etc.

There are desks, such as the aforementioned Ikea Vika, with shelves built into the legs: they are large enough to put any case, the printer and scanner to a computer fixed, so that they remain only on the countertop the monitor (if a flat-screen footprint will be minimized) and keyboard. To have more space as possible on the work plane, there are angular desks, which are divided into two types: fixed and mobile.

Those fixed, the name says, these remain. Those cabinets are equipped with a pin through which the plane angle can be extracted as needed and stored under the other plan to reclaim space once finished the job. This is a recommended solution for those on a fixed platen holds, for example, a computer, and when he has to write hand, draw or paint, thus requiring a plan for free, extracts the angular plane, without necessarily taking up space even when it is not needed.

The desks exist in all types of wood, in different styles (modern, classic in which case they are called ” desks “, minimal, ethnic) and in many colors (in addition to the colors of wood, even lacquers and laminates, which offer ranges too gaudy or unusual). There are also planned to work in glass, aesthetically beautiful, but full of decorative designs. In order to have an ergonomic desk is recommended shelf, low-reflectance matte, preferably neutral or light colors.

The desks for computers instead are built specifically to contain only a desktop computer. They come in addition to the support surface (sometimes inclined to the old monitor type) to the monitor, even a pull-out shelf for keyboard, shelf located at the bottom side of the case, other plans support for printers or scanners, sometimes an additional small table top, can be positioned left or right of the desk for the mouse and its pad.

Sometimes this furniture is equipped with wheels to be easily transported from one place to another in the house. Some desks are also equipped with retractable cable carriers, in order to keep all the threads of our electronic devices from your desk.

The desks are foldaway furniture that once closed to resemble a town, a small wardrobe or drawer; in each case, the desk disappears behind the doors and can be extracted at any time. This solution is useful for those with limited space available and for those who decide to place the study in his corner of the house used as a place to another function.

The chair for the study area

The second essential feature of the angle is the study chair. It better to choose it equipped with wheels (which do not scratch the floor), said swivel, and especially ergonomic. Why is this, and comply with the securities laws, the chair should be well balanced, movable on wheels with brake and seat height adjustment, and the backrest should be positioned so as to support the lower back.

The colors of the chairs are different then. Choose the one that you like and that fits best to your home decor. It can also select multiple pads, which make the chair comfortable and soft. The padding of course makes the chair much more expensive.

The light for the work area

The third characteristic of a workspace that you respect is light. The desk should be placed near a window to enjoy the natural light during the day.

For the evening, the desk should be equipped with a table lamp that illuminates directly the work surface. Better if we equip a light-bulb lamp energy saving of at least 18 watts (corresponding to 90 of a normal light bulb) or a blue-light bulb, made especially for the work area. Desk lamps also exist here in many types, depending on the color, methods of support or attachment of the materials.

Where to place the study area at home

The study area can be positioned in different environments. The main one is the living room or the living area anyway, maybe next to the library. It better to place it near a window, a source of natural light, which is important for the illumination of the work plan during the day. The study area can then be placed in the bedroom.

And a must in the bedroom of boys, as they can learn and have fun at the same place that will be their refuge and where they can be more at ease to learn more. Even in the bedroom of the large angle can be positioned study, perhaps disappeared.

Alternatively, the study area could also be inserted into a corridor or hallway, if large enough. If space is short, choose a model retractable or angular piece of furniture, or basic, with a small table top and only a couple of useful functions.

If you need two desks for the work of two people at the same time and space is tight, choose a desk very long as well as large (from 90 cm up), attach it to the wall on the side with the shorter and two chairs on each side, as well as two lamps, one right and one to the left of the work plan. A single desk will thus be useful for two people sitting opposite one another.