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Decorating the bedroom of the apartment

The increasingly hectic life and increasing costs that we have to deal with, often resulting in reduced spaces and sizes available for your home. So much so that often, if you are alone or at most in pairs, it may be sufficient just to call ” home ” just a studio. For small it is necessary to furnish with taste and functionality, especially in the night.

In any case, in the space of one-room Studio, ranging between 20 and 30 square meters, should be everything you need to live a kitchen or kitchenette, a bathroom, and then the space of the bedroom for sleeping, living and to store. So in the same ” room “, a different philosophy so dear to modern trends, the ” open ” live penetrating all of these features.

Furniture, solutions, accessories, colors and accessories should be chosen keeping in mind that space is short. The brightness may be poor. The environment must be made still enjoyable by aesthetic point of view, there are obstacles ( such as doors, windows, radiators, electrical outlets, etc.) that must always be calculated.

It is not an easy task: to furnish a studio means knowing how to find smart solutions, how to use transformable furniture, space-saving, multi-functional. In this article we will see what solutions you can choose to furnish the bedroom of a studio.

Features sleeping area in the studio

One of the essential functions of a studio, like a home, is prepared to rest and sleep. Sleeping, in a word, it is essential for human health and for its quality of life. So even in a studio is essential to have a bed that is comfortable enough and suitable for frequent use. Solutions are not enough ” to guests, ” with mattresses and support of poor quality. Yet, as mentioned before, are space-saving solutions, because the bedroom is certainly not the only area to be placed inside a studio.

How do you then get a sleeping area large enough to accommodate one or two people, but at the same time also pretty low to give way to the room to accommodate other elements? The solutions may be different, but always taking into account the fact that networks. Supports and mattresses should be selected for frequent use and good / excellent quality. We talk about lofts, loft beds, sofa beds, folding beds, convertible beds and ” sofa-beds. ”

Loft beds

The loft beds are structures that intelligently replace the loft itself, when the latter cannot be built. With loft beds you take advantage of vertical space, relegating the sleeping area on top and underneath it, leaving enough space to set up other functional areas, such as the study area, a sitting area with sofas and armchairs, or an area of storage and storage with wardrobe, drawers, shoe racks, etc..

The loft beds must ensure solidity, strength, stability and proper support for the mattress we’re going to choose. There are different types of loft beds, with different materials, colors and sizes. These may be from a single bed, a square and a half and double, as in the case of the solutions proposed by Cinius, which through automated systems is also able to move the bed at various heights to respond to different needs.

The loft bed is convenient because it allows you to keep the area ready for use at night and also adequately separated from the living area. It could become uncomfortable but for those who are afraid of heights.

Sofa beds

The classical solution to obtain an area used at night rest saving space is that of the sofa bed, a sofa bed that contains a structure in its interior, easily extractable. The advantages are obvious: when not in use, the sleeping area disappears completely inside the sofa, transforming the room into a completely day.

The biggest flaw, this solution lies in the obligation to make or unmake the bed every time, especially in winter when covered, because of their thickness, must necessarily be removed before the close of the sofa (some sofa also those who need simply to recline the backrest to turn into bed, to compel necessarily always remove the sheets in the morning and put them back in the evening).

In addition, although the mechanisms of transformation from a sofa to bed and vice versa have been significantly evolved and now require just a few simple gestures, someone might find uncomfortable with the obligation of opening and closing every day and every night.

And remember that if you choose a sofa bed for the bedroom of the apartment, it must ensure adequate support and a mattress to rest frequently, which is not always obvious in this area.

Very simply, and always in ” economy “, can be used as single beds transform from day to sofas by adding special cushions, back cushions and possibly even used as armrests. If the bed, then hides inside another single bed with pull out when needed and to work alongside the main sleeping area would turn in a perfect area for two people.

The most obvious flaw of this solution is the obligation of having to take off and put the pillows ” sofa “, which must also find their proper position during the night. The aesthetic also may not suit all tastes.