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Choosing and Buying Sterilizer

The sterilizer is the best ally for any mom who wants to get maximum hygiene for your baby. There are different kinds of sterilizer and are produced in different models to learn more and to guide you in choosing the best-known brands of sterilizers, read this guide!

Sterilizer: what is and what is needed?

Hygiene is very important, and if we talk about infants becomes really essential. The skin of a baby is definitely much more sensitive than that of an adult, because the immune system has not yet needed to ” expose ” the world. And one of the reasons, why a baby should never be touched and kissed by everyone except by his mother and father.

In addition to good hygiene of the person (and for this issue, I invite you to read the guide dedicated to the hygiene of the child, always included in the category ” Children ” ), you must ensure hygiene in everything that surrounds the baby: cleaning up the environment and washing accessories with which it comes in contact with the child.

As regards the cleaning of floors, better to use mild cleaning, with a light scent. For accessories of the baby must obtain the sterilizer. I would define it as an appliance that can sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, pacifiers and toys. Later, we will see the various types of sterilizers, but also the alternatives ” housewives “.

Sterilization Steam

The heat sterilizers are among the most common. In the market if they are of all types, some brands have space for bottles of the same manufacturer, while others are standard. A word of advice, so before you buy a sterilizer, it is precisely this point, so that you can act accordingly to the purchase of bottles and accessories. The sterilizer hot looks like a basket with lots of space, as there are objects to be sterilized.

Depending on our needs, we can purchase one of two or three seats or one a little more hail from four to six seats. Remember though, that if you use the bottle at an angle, recommended especially the first few months, the sterilizer reduces the capacity. It works with electricity and washing is done via the steam that has the power to kill bacteria. It a very convenient and fast, the sterilization operation can last from 7 to 15 minutes.

The sterilizer is obviously equipped with a timer, so that the operation stops after the time necessary. Once finished sanitizing, you should not touch anything with your hands, so much so that in some kits, also find attached a pair of pliers to remove from the sterilizer pacifiers and anything else you have washed. In this way a guaranteed perfect health to your child, especially if not being breast fed with breast milk. Mother’s milk contains many antibody’s fact that the formula does not possess. That’s why the sterilization becomes very important.

Microwave sterilizer

The microwave sterilization is part of the heat sterilization. It ‘s very fast and easy. Recommended for those who already have a microwave and those who use it regularly. You just have to buy a special container and put in about 200 ml of water at the base. Then placed the bottles and accessories in the basket and put everything in the microwave. Operate the oven for about ten minutes, pressing the timer. Even in this case, at the end of the sterilization, withdrawn bottles and pacifiers with the tongs.

Alternatives to the use of sterilizers

The alternative use of sterilizers is certainly represented by the ” advice of the grandmother, ” or the simple boiling. Who does not want to have gadgets for home, perhaps for lack of space, he can always fall back to the old method this possibility, although it is recommended after the first few months? In short, you have a good sterilization with the appropriate equipment.

There are many moms who use this easy way out. If you buy a hickey (just to cite one example), once the package is opened, you can see that they are covered with an oily substance, for their own preservation.

Obviously, you cannot immediately give the pacifier to the baby in this way. If you read the instructions even this simple object, it is precisely the description and methods of use, which reads more or less like this: ” Before using dip the pacifier (pacifier or whatever) into the boiling water and allow to five minutes. ”

And so here comes in boiling, even if it is a first step before using. If you use the boiling method, you need a large pot full of water. When the water, immerse yourself in teats and soothers, and let them sterilize, only with water, without adding any kind of additive.

Prior to making any type of sterilization, should be washed under running water bottles and anything else to remove debris. Pay special attention also to the nipples of baby bottles, which may present obstructions caused by debris from cookies or jelly. To eliminate them, you can help with a toothpick or safety pin. To rinse the bottle instead, you use a special brush, that you will find on sale in pharmacies, supermarkets and shops that specialize in early childhood.

Once you have done this, you can switch to the use of sterilizers or boiling hot or cold, depending on your needs, to keep away germs and bacteria. So far, we have talked about teats, pacifiers, baby bottles, but you can safely sterilize all those toys that the baby puts in his mouth, being careful not to damage the material, if it were plastic. In this case, surely the more appropriate method is cold sterilization.

Best manufacturers of sterilizers

There are many different brands of sterilizers, and as for the price, we can say that the average cost is around $80 to get even twice, if we buy a complete kit of bottles and small accessories. There are two brands that are traveling on the same wavelength. We know up close with some notion inherent in the history of the manufacturers.

Avent. – The brand Avent was born in 1939 thanks to its founder David Atkin, who decided, after obtaining the permission of the patent rubber teats, which were very successful. The company was founded and is still present in their country of origin, or the UK, more specifically in the town of Suffolk.

As the years passed, the company began to produce, in addition to the teats, feeding bottles and also other accessories such as sterilizers (among the best on the market), bottle warmers, pacifiers, breast pump. Each product goes through various ” tests “, and only when it has received the go ahead from all the staff, comes on the market. Complete articles about the history of the Avent, its products and their philosophy can be found on the official website at:

Chicco. – Chicco is a world leader with regard to children’s play, but also the rest of its production, from clothes to accessories just like the sterilizer, bottle warmer, creams, shoes, strollers, changing tables. Always attentive to the needs of customers, we produce selecting the best raw materials and all the products are in conformity accordance with local regulations. Within the official website, which found at¬†well as learn more about the company from all points of view, you can browse the catalog of virtually all ” bean ” with an explanation and insights.