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Choice and Purchase Motorcycle Clothing

When it comes to the topic of clothing for motorcycling, unfortunately we have to put aside the purely aesthetic considerations and focus on those aspects that relate to the most important aspect: the personal safety.

Choose Motorcycle Clothing

A motorcycle clothing of good quality, in addition to being comfortable and ensure a correct use of the motorcycle, and also serve primarily to protect the motorcyclist as possible in case of the accident. For this reason, safety comes before anything else, then if in a motorcycle attire of excellent workmanship and quality are also something that pleases the eye, much better, though still a minor issue.

The issue of security in the case of clothing motorcycle should not be limited to those driving the bike but should be extended also to the passenger, who has the same rights and duties of the pilot with regard to personal safety. If we want to mention some of the top brands of motorcycle clothing, the first that come to mind are Aplinestar, Ducati and Dainese. These marks suggest a very wide choice of technical clothing and accessories for bikers.

Regarding prices, the garments that provide SPERSE greater the suits and jackets, and gloves and boots have much more affordable prices. Obviously, prices are soaring if you choose to buy a garment leather or microfiber fabric that respect.

All clothing for motorcyclists are also available for women. The difference between the models is essentially intended for men in the lower parts, which are shaped, while in terms of color, there are many differences between the models for men or women.

Motorcycle JacketsMotorcycle Jacket

When you are driving your bike at all times is important to wear a proper motorcycle jackets, can protect from the wind and from any debris, animal or object can be found in the air and hit us at high speed, with the risk of us suddenly lose control of the vehicle: we speak of crushed stone, gravel, rocks and other objects that might be on the road, or large insects and birds, until you get to the objects that any car in front of us … or could lose its occupant throw rudely (and dangerous mind for us) out of the window.

As for the models, the fashion has not indulged much, with the result that there is a wide variety of jackets way: just walk into a store to browse specialized in motorcycle clothing to realize that life jackets are more or less the same: all have a cut rather short, do not have the collar or hood or other parts that may interfere with the rider, and for the same reason they are very tight so that there are no loose items that could create a distraction from the guide.

The materials they are made of are mainly the skin, and a special fabric called Cordura ” d-dry. ” In the winter season is definitely better to prefer leather garments, which is the material that ensures maximum protection of all against bad or cold weather, no need to apply padding removable as in the case of Cordura jackets or d-dry.

On the other hand, the padding detachable these vests allow you to wear it even in summer, when a leather jacket would be too warm, even if they are equipped with special air intakes located in strategic positions that allow the entry of some air.

Motorcycle gloveMotorcycle gloves

The motorcycling gloves are an accessory of fundamental importance to ensure optimum grip on the handles, thanks to a special layer of rough material that is located in the part of the palm. Always with the goal of a perfect grip, the gloves should be tight-fitting to have a greater sensitivity on the knobs.

The sensitivity of the knobs is important to accelerate and brake in the right way, especially in cases of emergency, even when one is forced to brake suddenly, and we cannot afford to lose the brake lever or being hampered by excessive of cloth or leather.

In addition to improving your grip, the gloves are also used to repair hands from: given the position of the guide hands are among the body parts most exposed to wind, cold, crushed stone, gravel and anything else that might come off the road and hit you. A passenger, despite travel behind the driver, needs special gloves, in order to grasp more firmly supports that, in some motorcycles are on the back to allow passengers to cling.

Materials of motorcycle gloves

The gloves offer made in many types of tissue, including the skin can cite, neoprene and Gore-Tex. Obviously, there are model’s summer and winter models, which offer a greater thermal insulation. Regardless of the season, it is important that the gloves present, also in this case, the appropriate rigid protections, usually made of carbon, which serve to protect the knuckles in the event of a fall.

The protections of gloves, unlike those of the jackets, are fixed and cannot be removed, it is possible that in some models particularly padded, for example, those winters, there are no rigid protections as they may make the glove overly voluminous to be able to also be functional and comfortable driving.

Even in the case of gloves the material of choice always remains the skin is much more resistant than other materials, especially in case of knocks, bumps and falls, in addition to being infinitely more resistant to normal wear also given by the time.

Unlike for another technical clothing, gloves in case the price of the model’s skin and those made with other materials does not change much, thus making the skin an ideal choice, and even more (in this case ) affordable.

Motorcycle SuitsMotorcycle Suit

The suits represent the technical clothing motorcycle more niches, which give the wearer the appearance of a professional two-wheeler. But even non-professionals and amateurs wearing the suit, especially when faced with quite a long journey, and this is because it is very comfortable and very ergonomic, functional hardware stores for the perfect guide for the passenger, for the simple reason that extends all positive points of a jacket to the whole body.

It must be realized, that the suit is intended primarily for use in sports or professional and is a fall clothing essential for anyone who runs into motion as a profession, while you hardly find in the wardrobe of a normal enthusiast, unless you do not love dabbling in long trips in the colder months of the year.

Especially when it’s cold, the suit offers excellent thermal insulation especially in the area of the loins and back, while also protecting the force of the air on the speed that everyone knows to be able to infiltrate everywhere smaller raindrops: suit with this problem does not exist because it offers a perfect seal.

Motorcycle Bootsmotorcycle boots

The bikers that could be called ” normal “, ie those who own a motorcycle, and maybe we go to work or apply for a picnic at the weekend certainly did not need to acquire the proper boots, as they can go very well with the very normal shoe’s rubber soles that allow you to easily change your shoes ensuring the adherence of the foot and preventing them from slipping on the iron parts.

But for professionals or for those who enjoy long motorcycle trips, perhaps to the winding mountain roads, they are absolutely the most suitable special boots made of leather and rubber and specially designed to facilitate the use of the motorcycle and provide superior protection to the ankle compared to that offered by a normal shoe.

The boots or motorcycle boots come up to mid-calf and ensure optimal ventilation to the foot, with specially designed hard on the toes and at the ankle and special reinforcements on the instep of the left foot, the one who controls the shift pedal entering contact with the pedal is on the sole of the foot on the instep. Even if you do not want or do not need to acquire the boots, are absolutely prohibited in motion, heels and shoes with smooth soles and leather, which could seriously affect safety.