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Bench and Exercise for Abs

Each of us dreams of having sculpted abs and a body in good shape. The bacon (which for some will also be sexy, but it seems more like a justification), is the first thing to throw down in view of summer and the infamous costume test.

But what are the right tools to get back into shape without too many sacrifices, and what the right exercises for your abs? One of the best, apart from controlling our food supply, it is the use of a good bench for abdominal muscles.

The exercise for abs

How much sports know, in a hurry to reach certain results, and especially to be able to keep them in time. It is essential to take into account two factors irreplaceable: a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, where you can find the time to practice sports.

The advice that everyone should follow is not to omit any of the two aspects. A healthy diet that avoids foods high in fat and prefers fruits and vegetables without giving up anything is the foundation of good health. This applies to all muscles, but especially if we refer to the gym for abs.

The sport helps us not to accumulate excess calories which in time would become bacon, bearings and so on … Beware of those diets that promise to make you back into shape in a week or two: combine the right amount of sport and exercise is essential for good sculpt your physique and especially to prolong the results.

Abdominal Muscles

If we can follow a healthy diet and what we combine a little we will see more movements in the belly area will be the first part where we will see the results of our sacrifices. The advice to follow to prevent the annoying bacon are reasonably well known, but a little freshens up our memory :

  • Drink as much water and possibly.
  • Avoid sugary drinks (high in calories) and gases that bloat your stomach.
  • Prefer foods that are low in calories and avoid fried food and excess fat.
  • Doing physical movement.

About the physical movement, to improve your abs a great help can be given by the famous benches for abdominal exercise. But let’s see exactly what it is and if the benches can really make us achieve results for our well-being. Thanks to the advent of new technological tools, we tried to improve the fitness equipment in order to ” weigh ” less physical effort and achieve maximum results with the minimum of effort.

The new fitness equipment, which are found in the best gyms, but it is now easy to buy privately, combining maximum practicality with the achievement of results. Perform gymnastic exercises for abs without the help of a tool is particularly heavy, and at times you are likely to perform the exercise incorrectly, causing harm to our back and not only. The benches for the exercise for the abs, seek to remedy this problem warranting the right posture throughout the execution of the movement and relieving much stress and fatigue.

Gym exercises for abs

Everyone knows the classic movement that must be done to stimulate the abdominal muscles: up and down, up and down, the enterprise is certainly not the most pleasant. Sometimes the motivation that should be the basis for a successful, completely lacking, perhaps due to fatigue or heaviness of this kind of exercise. The risk is to give up all our good intentions to first fix … Another difficulty that often we encounter is the lack of visible results.

This is because if we do not take the right posture during the execution of the movements, we are going to stimulate areas of our body that have nothing to do with our abs. Better, then, to understand perfectly with the movement you perform, and also run a few times, but in the right way. Certainly not the results we will see them the day after, but with a little perseverance will soon arrive.

Wrong exercises for your abs

An exercise performed incorrectly not only gives the desired results, but can also lead to have serious problems. Here are some examples of abdominal exercises performed incorrectly :

  • If we raise the chest around our knees, instead of stimulating the muscles of the stomach, we do not only stimulate the flexor muscles of the thighs.
  • Who uses the momentum to be groped to lighten the weight of exercise, exercise unwittingly muscles of the neck and the lumbar areas?
  • Sometimes you have a tendency to pull his head with his hands while we are lifting the bust: this contraction should be avoided, as useless.

The advice to follow is to pay close attention to the abdominal DIY, if we are not really sure that our posture is optimal and absolutely correct from a technical point of view.

Bench for abdominal exercise

The coming of the bench for abdominal exercise has totally revolutionized the fitness world. This type of tool is created and used to train the abdominal muscles, to get the maximum results in the most comfortable and correct as possible.

Today, there are many brands on the market: in general, they have characteristics very similar to each other, inducing the same movement to stimulate the abs high, medium, low and obliques. Between one brand and another can change the materials used, which must be especially tough.

The benches for abdominal commercially allow a range of 200 degrees. The exercise is performed by turning the handlebars to separate back, and allowing a bend of the trunk to back.

With this tool, the strengthening of the muscles is doubled, because the muscles are stimulated during lifting and lowering in that. The many models already proposed offer different levels of resistance and incline.

So depending on the results we want to achieve or the degree of our training, we can vary the difficulty of exercise. The movements are facilitated thanks to the bench, and thanks to the movable support present in all the benches of quality. You can support the neck and back during the execution of the movement.

A very important thing to never neglect before using the bench, is to make a general warming of the muscles can do six to eight minutes, or a slight stroke a few minutes of exercise bikes, they make sure that the heart and the blood should be prepared to performing exercises to avoid muscle strain or fatigue already in the early stages. Finally, not to be missed when you are finished with your abs, a few minutes of stretching to lengthen the muscles are stimulated.

How to choose the abdominal bench

An other thing you need to pay attention to be the quality of your bench: know that having to support the weight of the body, the materials used must be absolutely stable and durable. Pay attention to the mechanisms that serve to lock the settings, sure they are tight. It is these small details make a bench more or less quality.

Before you buy your abdominal bench try to be assured of its functionality. It important that our body is facilitated in execution of movements and not hindered by anything. The bench must be completely ergonomic. You prefer a purchase directly in specialty stores, and avoid the purchase of products that do not know well.